Sons of the Forest: How to Duplicate Logs Infinitely

In the current Early Access build of sons of the forest, you can duplicate logs infinitely. While it appears to be a bug, it’s also possible that developer Endnight Games put it in on purpose; There are similar exploits in the studio’s previous game, The forest, finally. Whether it’s intentional or not, if you’re here you’re wondering how to infinitely duplicate logs.

Sons of the Forest Infinite Log Dupe Explained

Duplicate logs is not quite as easy as endlessly respawning items, but it’s not too difficult either. Here’s how to do it.

  • Chop down a tree with your hand ax or Modern Axe.
  • Collect four logs.
  • Lay two logs on the ground perpendicular to each other to form a corner.
  • Place a log straight up on the corner.
  • Hold a log and look at the ground in the corner.
  • Place the log you are holding in the corner when you see a white circle outline.

It may take a few tries for the white circle outline to appear in the corner of the other logs. And it requires a bit of patience. However, when the white circle outline appears on the ground, you can always place the trunk you are carrying.

How to duplicate logins sons of the forest. It’s a quick way to collect hundreds of logs in no time. Will Endnight Games keep it or fix it? It’s hard to say so early in the game’s lifecycle. We’ll be sure to update this if anything changes. Until then, go ahead our guides hub for sons of the forest for more tips.

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