Sons of the Forest: How to Get Creepy Armor

How do I get the spooky armor in? sons of the forest is in some ways both easy and difficult. While it’s easy to find the enemies you get the armor from, they tend to be in groups. You should be prepared to fight multiple enemies at once to grab this armor.

How to get spooky armor in Sons of the Forest

Creepy Armor comes from mutants that you can find in caves around the island sons of the forestSo you’ll encounter them as you work to get items like the Rebreather, Rope Gun, and Shovel.

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To get the armor just kill the mutants. When they are dead, go to the corpses and you will be prompted to use the primary action button (LMB/RT by default).

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This essentially skins the mutants and gives you creepy armor that appears to be quite durable, although it looks a lot like you’re wearing mutant skin.

Now that you know how to get Creepy Armor you will have another layer of defense as you go deeper into the island. And if it breaks, you can just get more. As the story progresses you will face tougher enemies and you may want to see others sons of the forest Leader How List of best weapon tiers or how to heal to increase your chances of survival.

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