Sons of the Forest: How to Get Night Vision Goggles

The Night Vision Goggles are new sons of the forest, and they give you a new way to explore the dark corners of Site 2. They run on batteries, giving you an alternative to flashlights and torches. How to get them.

Where to find the night vision goggles in Sons of The Forest?

Currently we know of two different locations for the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest. We describe where to find them below, and we’ll update this guide as we find more locations.

Location of night vision goggles 1

Screenshot via MapGenie

The first pair of night vision goggles is located inland at location 2 in the cave with the Golden Armor, south of the hang glider. You can see the exact location on the map above.

Before going into the cave to get the night vision goggles, you need to get those rebreather. When you enter the cave, dive and go straight into the underwater tunnel. The tunnel appears to split, but both paths lead you to the same cave.

At the other end of the cave you will find a way down that works like a water slide. The water slide lets you fall into a pool of water. Swim ahead into the nearby cave and on the right you’ll see a body wearing night vision goggles under a lit picture of people on the wall.

Location of night vision goggles 2

Screenshot from Gameskiny

The second location is in a cave down the river (south) from the first location. Look for a smaller lake/pond east of the river.

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For this one you just have to go straight as you enter the cave and you will find a skeleton wearing night vision goggles.

Screenshot from Gameskiny

It’s worth noting that if you have a pair of goggles, the pair opposite doesn’t seem to appear. I packed my original pair from position 1 first in a save file and didn’t find them in position 2. Then I tested the reverse order on another save file and didn’t find the glasses in position 1.

And that’s how the night vision goggles come in sons of the forest. The latest update introduced the Water Collector, the vehicle Knight V, and solar panels. As more items are added during the Early Access period, we will continue to expand ours sons of the forest Leader hub.

Featured image by Gameskinny.

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