Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Chainsaw

In sons of the foresthow to get the chainsaw is a bit harder than items like that gun or Modern Axe. Since the chainsaw is hidden behind a door that requires a key card to open, you’ll need to get both shovel And maintenance key card First.

How to get the chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the required items, head to the cave at the location circled below, where you can also find one 3D printer.

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Once inside the cave, go deeper and you’ll come across double doors that can be opened with the maintenance keycard to reveal a gym.

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Go through the gym and then left into the spa area. On the other side of the spa area you will find a large room with two flights of stairs. Take them to the next floor and you’ll find yourself in a fancy swimming area.

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Continue to the bar/nightclub area at the other end of the swimming area, but instead of going into the nightclub, turn right into the bright hall.

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Go through the hallway and to the opposite side of the room at the end where you will find an open door on the left wall. It leads to a small cinema room. You’ll find the chainsaw embedded in a man’s body on one of the large yellow bean bags.

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As the game gets harder and harder the deeper you go in Site 2, you can check out our sons of the forest Leader for help preparing by finding Creepy armor or building defensive walls to protect against enemies.

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