Sons of the Forest: How to Kill Sharks

There are many dangerous creatures sons of the forest, with the great white shark being the most intimidating threat in the water. If you catch one unprepared, you’re just dead. Our guide will give you tips on how to kill sharks sons of the forestincluding the exact locations where to find them.

Where to find sharks in Sons of the Forest?

There are several locations where players can find Great White Sharks, namely:

  • In the rebreather cave
  • Around the survival raft
  • Around helipads
  • Along the north coast

sons of the forest Players usually encounter sharks when attempting to retrieve a rebreather and a stun gun from the cave in the north of the island (x6475, y3517). The cave splits into two paths and the shark usually spawns in the left one. If you manage to get the Stun Gun before hitting the shark, using it against the shark would be very effective.

The next best place to encounter a shark would be on the west coast of the island where you try to get a GPS navigator from the survival raft (x2997,
y5841). As soon as you swim and try to reach the raft off shore, a shark or two may swim around.

How to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest

If you have a compact pistol, or even a basic bow or spear, you can easily kill a great white with a few accurate shots. But you need to work out the following conditions:

  • Don’t let the shark near youor it will probably bite and kill your character.
  • Gain ground through shoot from above either from land or by standing on the raft.
  • Make it swim around and only shoot when it slows down than 2-3 accurate bullet shots or arrows can actually kill the shark this way.
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You will find out the shark is dead when it turns on its stomach and swims on the water surface.

Note that you cannot loot a shark or get rewards for killing it. You save your character’s life simply by killing them, or you could earn the “Need a Bigger Boat” achievement by letting the in-game shark eat you, which is a reference to the “Jaws” movie.

That’s all you need to know about how to kill sharks sons of the forest. For more tips and tricks articles, go to go to us sons of the forest Instructions page here.

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