Sons of the Forest: How to Open and Close the Guide Book

The sons of the forest Guide Book plays an important role in crafting specific structures and building items in Endnight Games’ survival horror simulation. Knowing how to quickly open and close the manual is also important to save valuable time finding the recipes and blueprints you’re looking for.

Soon after the first sequence in sons of the forest, you find yourself on top of a snowy mountain. Finally, to continue, you must open your inventory and then open the Emergency Kit inside. There you will find the manual and equip it.

Equip and Equip manual explained

Here you can browse through a bunch of unlocked recipes and blueprints ranging from different campfire guys to larger structures. However, the game doesn’t tell you how to close it, and not being able to do so can be quite annoying (believe me, I found pressing every key on my keyboard a bit irritating myself).

PC control

To close the manual, just press “B” with your mouse and keyboard. The same input will open the manual, although you can also hold “I” to bring up your backpack and then left-click to select the book.

Gamepad controls

If you’re using a controller, you can close the manual with the “B” key the first time, but you’ll bring it up and close it each subsequent time by pressing the d-pad.

Here is a complete list of all controls in sons of the forest if you are having trouble with other mechanics in Early Access, such as drop objects or Open your backpack.

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And this is how you open and close the manual sons of the forest. As mentioned above, there’s a lot more to know about the survival guide, and we’ll cover more of that in another article if you’re curious. But at least now you can continue your adventure and explore the island, meet its cannibals and let Kelvin scare you to death at every turn. Here we have even more tips.

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