Sons of the Forest Katana Location Guide

As one of the strongest melee weapons in sons of the forest, you surely want to know where to find the katana. An added bonus is that there are many other useful items in the place where you find the katana.

Sons of the Forest Katana Location Guide

The entrance to the area with the katana is circled on the map below.

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It’s not particularly close to any of the helicopter crash sites, and you should watch out for cannibals on the way to the katana, as there are camps along the way on either side of the cave entrance.

Once inside, go downstairs. As you descend, you will encounter a door that requires the guest key card to open. Go inside and a cutscene will play. After the cutscene, the door you came through will be blocked, but that’s okay since you’ll have to go deeper and deeper to find the katana.

You come to more stairs. Go back down until you are on level 2. There are rooms on the right that are open. Although the katana isn’t among the first rooms, it’s worth going inside to get items like others gun.

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The room with the katana on it has a broken glass table in front of the door. Inside, the katana is easy to spot as it’s displayed quite nicely in the center of the room.

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With this you have one of the best melee weapons in your inventory. However, since you’ll need a few items before you can reach the Katana location, take a look at ours sons of the forest Leader for how to get the shovel and the maintenance key cardboth of which are required.

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