Sons of the Forest Pistol Rail Location

In sons of the forest, the location of the Pistol Rail is quite convenient, since you can grab it at the same time as the Pistol, which is on the raft in the ocean. So you can immediately purchase an upgrade for the gun how to get the gun yourself.

The location of the pistol rail in Sons of the Forest

Unlike the pistol itself, the pistol rail attachment is not marked with a purple exclamation mark on the GPS tracker’s map. However, its location is circled on the map below, and you can see how close it is to the gun.

Image via MapGenie

When you are on the shore you will come across a cluster of large rocks. The fortification is easy to miss here as it is on the other side of these rocks in the hands of a corpse. If you go to the water you won’t see it. You must turn and follow the bank back to the river to discover the body.

How to use weapon attachments in Sons of the Forest

Now that you have the pistol rail you can attach it to your weapon by going into your inventory and selecting Combine on the attachment and the weapon you want. Select the gear in the corner to craft it and you’ve got an upgraded weapon.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

The pistol rail location is easier to find than other items, but we have it sons of the forest Leader available to help you find items that are better hidden, such as shovel or the maintenance key card.

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