Souls-like RPG Lies of P Gets Release Window, New Trailer

The much-anticipated bloodborne-inspired lies of P finally has a more specific release window. After several months of waiting, Round 8 Studio has updated the game’s release window from a vague promise of a 2023 release to a much less vague “August 2023”.

Announced during IGN’s Fan Festthe new release window was unveiled in a cinematic trailer that showed Simon, a never-before-seen character who seems to have some kind of connection to the monsters that will play a big role in the game.

While the trailer didn’t feature any in-game footage, it acted as a sort of tone generator to help further establish it lies of P‘s themes and world. Luckily the world is lies of P seems to be one of the game’s main selling points, as it draws heavily on and draws from its Gothic influences bloodborne‘s imagery and sound clearly seen in the new trailer.

There’s currently no official word from Round 8 Studio as to when we can expect a more accurate August release date, but given the current climate of ever-changing release dates, that’s almost to be expected.

Hopefully, as we get closer to summer and the August window, we’ll get another trailer or announcement that shares the full Lies of P release date.

lies of P will be released in August on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game starts on Game Pass.

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