Splatoon 3’s Expansion Pass Includes a Trip Back to Inkopolis

Nintendo showed an early look at turn 3‘S DLC announcing an expansion pass for its hit shooter. Planned for launch in spring 2023, the first DLC wave will include the hub world of turn 1, Incopolis. The return of the squid sisters is imminent.

As an incentive to pre-order the DLC Pass, players who purchase it early will receive additional in-game currency and food/drink tickets. This helps level up in multiplayer to access some of the more difficult lobbies it’s available in turn 3. It also gets you ready for additional weapons that might be added with this pack.

At the end of the trailer, an extra campaign called “Side Order” was teased, which deals with the duo Off the Hook post-turn 2. In a cryptic message, we see what appears to be Agent 2 and flashes of Pearl and Marina in a wintry setting. It would be really interesting to see splatoon Inkfrost, even though we’re ahead of ourselves.

Since the first part will be released in spring, it stands to reason that wave two will take place in either autumn or winter. That adds up to the aforementioned winter setting teased for the second DLC pack. Nintendo has previously explained this Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass would be similar in scope Splatoon 2: Octo Expansionso there’s bound to be a lot of content for players to colorize.

Featured image via Nintendo.

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