Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — All Music Track Locations

Music tracks are just one type of collectibles that you can find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Once you get them, you can give them to Ashe and DD-EC in Pyloon’s Saloon. You then have a choice of tunes to listen to in the cantina. Our guide will tell you where to find them all.

Where can I find all music tracks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

You’ll find Ashe and DD-EC in Harvest Ridge in front of a section with a ridge and a barn just beyond. After talking to them, they move to Pyloon’s Saloon as NPCs. At this point, DD-EC, the DJ, should have unlocked multiple tunes by default. However, the rest are either purchased from a merchant or obtained through exploration.

Doma’s music track

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Doma is a vendor in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost, directly across from Pyloon’s Saloon. Aside from selling the Mysterious key codeShe also sells the following music tracks in exchange for Priorite Shards:

  • spice man
  • rumble droid
  • Wait for Essena
  • Who mourns for Tarsis
  • Sublime Raid II

Koboh: Harvest Ridge

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Harvest Ridge, the same place you found Ashe and DD-EC, has a puzzle that takes you from the small cave at the bottom to the barn and tower at the top. you will find it Shortpaw’s dance in a chest on the roof of the barn.

Says: Desert Ridge (Protected Hollow)

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The Food: Survivor Music Track is located in the Desert Ridge section of Jedha, fairly close to the Zone’s border with Sheltered Hollow. Walk along the wall and jump onto a ledge to get it Visit Waters again Melody.

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Shattered Moon

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In the assembly area of ​​Shattered Moon you will pass a large centrifuge. In this section you should see a large room with a green barrier. Check the ledge on the side to find a chest that contains ground momentum.

Koboh: Pyloon’s Saloon

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At some point later in the campaign, probably after your second visit to the Shattered Moon focused on the story, you’ll find the kitchen door in Pyloon’s Saloon is open. Inside is a chest that contains See Sinai.

You will find them all there Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Music tracks in the campaign. Bring them both back to DD-EC to play some tunes in the cantina. For more tips and articles on places, check out our Food: Survivor leads hub.

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