Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — All Perk Slot Locations

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Perk slots tend to be capped early in the campaign. You only have three, which means it can be quite a hassle if you want to equip other passives. Still, there are ways for you to get more. Our guide will tell you where to find all Perk Slot locations eat survivors.

How To Get All Perk Slots Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

You have three perk slots by default, with a maximum of 10 at the end of the campaign. One can be acquired from a merchant while the rest must be acquired through exploration. These have the same appearance as Blue Essence Crystals, although they instead reward a perk slot for interacting with them.

Seller: Zee

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The High Republic droid, Zee, becomes a merchant NPC at the end of the Forest Array main quest. You can find her on the second floor of Pyloon’s Saloon and you can purchase an additional perk slot from her.

Koboh: Harvest Ridge

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In Koboh’s Harvest Ridge zone, you’ll find Ashe and DD-EC, the two NPCs that want music tracks from you. Behind their location is a cave system called Moldy Depths. You must solve the Nekko puzzle here, as well as the subsequent one in the barn once you return to the open area. After that, just before the tower, you’ll find a crystal that rewards a perk slot.

Koboh: Derelict Dam

Go to the Koboh’s Derelict Dam zone for this perk slot. Check the area directly opposite that Trontoshell and Gorges Mystery. Once you have the Force Lift and Slam ability later in the campaign, you can raise the platform, allowing you to get to the top of the structure.

In this area you should eliminate the enemy mobs and then check the corner at the back to get an orb. Take it to the line/socket to create a laser and burn the dirt. Enter the small tunnel and use BD-1 to cut a Roller Mine Spawner. You should run outside and then use your Force powers to grab the Roller Mine and throw it against the collapsing wall.

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From there, trace a line of fire from the laser to the new tunnel so you can burn the dirt on the walls and metal grilles. You should then be able to climb up so you can pick up the Perk Slot crystal from a ledge.

Koboh: Smuggler’s Tunnel

In Koboh’s Rambler’s Reach Outpost, you should see a large security building that looks like an iron barracks. You can reach the rooftops by riding the Relter from Pyloon’s Saloon Tower or the ridge opposite. Once inside, pass the green barrier and go down the tunnels.

After taking out a few enemies in the small cave, you’ll find a narrow opening to squeeze through. Beyond this point is a green barrier and a slightly curved section of wall. Go through the barrier, then walk along the wall and go through another barrier. Beyond is a crystal with the perk slot.

Note that the door here cannot be opened from this side, as you will need to unlock it when you are in the Phon’qi Caverns.

Says: Wayfinder’s Tomb

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There are three additional perk slots that you can obtain on the planet Jedha. For this you have to go to the three different “path” ruins. Find out more in our Says the Ruins Puzzles Guide.

These are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Perk slots that you can unlock during the campaign. For more tips and tricks articles, check out our Food: Survivor leads hub.

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