Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — How to Get All Map Upgrades

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Map upgrades will help you find different collectibles and hidden objects on the planets and locations you will visit. From resources to treasure, you don’t have to guess where these are as they appear as icons on your holomap. Our guide tells you how to find them, although most of them are from campaign history well into the story.

How to unlock map upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Early in the campaign, you’ll likely be combing planets and locations in search of items and materials. However, due to the Metroidvania style of the game, you will find that some areas are locked.

However, later in the game you will be given the means to explore these and new areas. In these places you will find special terminals that can be hacked by BD-1, which will then give you specific map upgrades. In fact, these make certain types of collectibles appear as icons on your map.

Force echoes and BD-1 scans

  • Location: New Garon
  • symbols: Torn page or cracked block

Force Echoes and BD-1 Scans are objects that provide a bit of background that expands on the lore Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the larger canon. To reveal their locations, you must advance the campaign to Nova Garon (which is at the end of Nova Garon). eat survivors). There you will enter Commander Denvik’s office. After the cutscene, cut the terminal with BD-1. Scannable locations will then have icons that look like a torn page or a cracked block.

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Koboh seed pods

  • Location: Koboh (Rambler’s Reach Outpost/Pyloon’s Saloon)
  • symbols: Flower

As the campaign progresses, you will unlock the Rooftop Garden at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost and Pyloon’s Saloon. Later you will meet an NPC named Pili who will do it Unlock garden plots. Once your fourth garden plot is unlocked, you can interact with the nearby terminal. Seeds then appear as flower symbols on your map. Find out more in our Koboh Seed Pod card reveal guide.

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Essence Crystals

  • Location: Koboh (Alignment Control Center)
  • symbols: Circl with four-pointed stars

As you explore Koboh, you will encounter Jedi temples. Once you’ve completed all the puzzles in these Jedi temples, you can interact with a terminal in the Alignment Control Center. This will give you the map upgrade that reveals essence locations. You have a circle with a four-pointed star symbol on your map.

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Item and cosmetic chests

  • Location: Koboh (Phon’qi Caves)
  • symbols: chests

Once you have all the skills and abilities much later in the eat survivors Campaign allows you to fully explore the Phon’qi Caverns. Your reward here is the map upgrade, which reveals all chests. These are unsurprisingly represented by chest icons on your holomap. Find out more in our Guide to the Phon’qi Caves.

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Treasures (resource collectibles)

  • Location: Says (Wayfinder’s Tomb)
  • symbols: Diamonds

This upgrade requires you to solve all of the Wayfinder’s Tomb puzzles on Jedha. You should then see treasure and resource collectibles like Priorite Shards and Jedha Scrolls as diamond icons on your map. Find out more in our Wayfinder’s Tomb Puzzles Guide.

And this is how you find them all Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Map upgrades that you can get during the campaign. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out our Food: Survivor leads hub.

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