Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — How To Solve The Harvest Ridge Barn Puzzle

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives you plenty to do on the planet Koboh alone, and the Harvest Ridge Barn Puzzle is just one of them. But with a shiny trophy or achievement at stake, the solution is highly coveted. That’s why we have it right here.

This puzzle takes you to the highest point in Harvest Ridge and earns you the King of the World achievement/trophy. First you need to know where to find it.

Where to find the Harvest Ridge barn puzzle

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Go to Harvest Ridge and look for the red barn. Up to this point, you must be able to ride the Nekko in order to climb the tower that is now in front of you. If you run around the corner you will see two Nekko. You will need both of them to solve this puzzle and reach the top. So hop on first to start this series of head scratchers.

How to solve Harvest Ridge barn puzzle

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Drive the Nekko in front of the barn and use the super jump to reach the corrugated sheet of metal you can run on. Use this to get to the second floor of the barn, where you can use Force Pull to open a blocked entrance. Go inside now.

In the barn, go to the far corner and look up to see a lever that you can force pull. This will open the gate. Open it up and call in a Nekko, then drop the lever and jump onto the Nekko. You can now super jump onto the platform opposite the lever where you can engage the mechanism and hold the gate open.

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Head back out of the now open barn and ride inside with the second Nekko. Use it to jump back to the platform you were on. If you drop the gate, you’ll find that there’s an elevator leading to the second floor barn entrance that’s tied to the gate’s location.

Screenshot from Gameskiny

You want a Nekko up here to get to the final climb, so lower the gate and then ride a Nekko to the elevator. Leave it here and then use the other Nekko to jump to the platform again and lift the gate. Jump and now reach over to the entrance, where you can now hop onto the raised Nekko.

With this mount you can jump to the next platform where you will get a power essence that will reward you with an extra perk slot. Pick it up, then climb up the vines to get to the meditation point at the highest point of Harvest Ridge.

If you solve the Harvest Ridge barn puzzle, you will become king of the world. For more Food: Survivor For tips on achievements, trophies, and more, check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Guide.

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