Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — How to Throw Your Lightsaber

The first time we see a lightsaber thrown in war of stars Universe is when Darth Vader throws his blade at Luke during their fight Return of the Jedi. It’s an indelible moment that would be repeated multiple times in Legends and Canon. Exactly like in Jedi Fallen Orderyou can learn how to use your lightsaber Star Wars Jedi: Survivorto.

How to throw a lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Since Cal Kestis keeps all his powers from it fallen order, you can throw your lightsaber from the start of the game. This includes the first fight against Sejan’s stormtroopers. It becomes a useful attack when you take on the Bedlam Raiders, Haxion Brood bounty hunters, and the various aggressive Fauns on Koboh and Jedha.

To throw your lightsaber, use the following inputs:

  • PS5: L1+triangle
  • Xbox: LB + Y
  • personal computer: LMB + F

Remember that it takes at least one bar of Force energy to make your blade fly. If you find that you can’t, attack a few enemies to refill your gauge, or focus on abilities like Attunement, Lucid Attunement, and Enlightened Attunement in the Jedi Concentration branch of the power ability tree. These three skills increase Cal’s power meter. Finally, there are perks you can unlock and use that affect your Force energy.

Stances and lightsaber throws

Different lightsaber throws are associated with lightsaber stances. Some are stronger than others, some offer better penetrating power, and others, like Dual Wield, allow for blocking and throwing. Experiment with throws to become familiar with the throws that produce the best posture.

Just like with Force energy recovery, some perks increase, such as: B. Dexterity, the damage dealt by lightsaber throws. Additionally, abilities like Double Orbit for the Double-Bladed stance or Dancing Blades for the Dual Wield stance add additional elements to lightsaber throws.

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Stance throws

  • single position throw: This is your standard lightsaber throw. The weapon is thrown at a single enemy and recalled. There is a chance that you can hit multiple enemies with this throw, depending on how you rotate Cal after the throw and where the enemies are in relation to the saber’s bow.
  • double blade throw: This throw, like the stance itself, is best for taking on multiple enemies at once—or resilient ones. It goes out in an arc, spinning while cutting through enemies and returning. It can be upgraded with Double Orbit for an additional Arc Throw.
  • dual wield: The Dual Wield throw is one of the weakest in the game. Because the stance is best for building up damage quickly with consecutive, quick hits, this throw deals a small amount of damage to enemies. However, you can block both melee attacks and blaster shots with it, since you have another saber in a different hand. It can be upgraded with Dancing Blades.
  • blasters: Blaster Stance does not have a lightsaber throw. Instead, you have a more uncivilized weapon that can deal damage from afar.
  • guard: The Crossguard Lightsaber Throw is an overhead throw that resembles a Gamorrean battleaxe flying through the air more than a lightsaber. Like the stance itself, it deals significant damage even when it’s slow.

And so throw in your lightsaber Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as well as what postures the technique allows for and what you can expect from each. Contact us for more information Eat survivor Travel guides page.

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