Star Wars Jedi Survivor Week One Patch Notes: PC, PlayStation, Xbox Fixes

Although Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launched in a miserable state, especially on PC where countless gamers stumbled upon it crashes and other issues, EA and Respawn are releasing a week-one patch on May 1st for PC and May 2nd for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The first since the game’s Day Zero patch, the exact timing for this fix has not yet been announced, so be sure to check for updates when you launch the game. Here are the full patch notes as released by EA.

Jedi Survivor Full Week One Patch Notes (May 1st – May 2nd)

personal computer:

  • Performance improvements for rendering without ray tracing.

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S:

  • Fixed multiple crashes on PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S and in various areas of the game.
  • Fixed crashes associated with skipping cinematics.
  • Performance improvements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic fabric in the Mantis.
  • Fixed various rendering issues.
  • Fixed an issue where registered Nekko colors were not saved.
  • Fixed an issue where registered Nekko would disappear from the stable.
  • Fixed issues with overlapping cinematic dialogue.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy AI would stay in T-pose in photo mode.
  • Fixed a freeze that would occasionally occur while talking to Doma.
  • Fixed an issue where the BD Oil VFX wasn’t rendered properly.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being stuck in the Vault of Duality if they did not save and die after exiting the Vault.

While I haven’t experienced any crashes on PlayStation 5, it’s more than obvious that some improvements can be made and it seems that this patch will try to fix some of them.

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Rendering fixes should keep Cal’s hair from looking like weird spaghetti noodles on PS5, and the performance improvements should (hopefully) eliminate the stuttering (particularly in combat sections) that has plagued my playthrough so far.

The PC fixes for this patch are far more nebulous than those for consoles, and compared to the issues the game has been facing, it’s interesting that there’s no more information yet.

From the description, it’s hard to tell if the patch addresses the more annoying issues that are keeping players from, well, playing. Respawn says more updates will be coming to PC and consoles, though it’s unclear when.

Stay tuned for more patch and update news Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in the coming days and weeks. If you are looking for help regarding crashes, freezes and more visit our eat survivors leads hub.

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