Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — Where to Find All Cantina Recruits

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has several cantina recruits that you may meet throughout your journey. Once you’ve spoken to them, they’ll happily head over to Pyloon’s Saloon, your main hub on the planet. Some of these outpost NPCs offer new features and mechanics, while others are just there to hang out and relax. Our guide will tell you where to find all Cantina Recruits Food: Survivor.

All Cantina Recurit locations in Jedi Survivor

We’ve divided our guide into several sections based on how Cantina Recruits are encountered. Some are not to be missed as they will join automatically as you advance further in the campaign. Others, meanwhile, are found as you move through areas, although you still have to talk to them. However, the rest can be missed as you have to go to certain places just to entertain yourself.

Essential recruits

Turgle and Mosey: Outpost of Rambler’s Reach/Pyloon’s Saloon

These are the first two Outpost NPCs you will meet. Upon reaching the Rambler’s Reach outpost, a cutscene will play. As soon as you enter Pyloon’s Saloon, you will enjoy hanging out in the lounge.

Caij: Stone Spiers/Devastated Settlement

When you get there, Caij is already relaxing in the saloon, although she doesn’t want to be disturbed at first. Later, while walking through the stone towers, she will talk to you and thereby unlock them Bounty Hunter Board.

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Story Path Recruits

Toa: Basaltic Fissure

You meet Toa halfway through the basalt fissure, just before you reach the forest formation. She’s set up camp and you need to talk to her to get her into the saloon.

Pili: Crypt of Uhrma (says)

Pili, on the other hand, is not on Koboh at all. Rather, she is waiting for you on Jedha. You will come across them while going to the Pilgrim’s Sanctum. She will unlock again garden plots to you.

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Zygg and Wini: Lucrehulk/Viscid Bog

As for Zygg and Wini, the former is among the patrons of the saloon from the start of the campaign. However, she will go in search of the latter. This happens when you go to the Lucrehulk as part of the main campaign.

When you reach Viscid Moor you will see her hut. Later, after exiting the Lucrehulk, you can use Force Lift and Slam to raise a rock formation so you can grab Winis Dataslate. This will return the two to the saloon.

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Missable Recruits

Skoova: Foothill Falls

You’ll find Skoova in Foothill Falls, just past the narrow path leading away from the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. He’s at the pool. Talk to him and he will do it aquarium fish mechanic present.

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T-1N8: Abandoned Cabin/Foothill Falls

You can find T-1N8 as you are Examination of the abandoned hut, which is across from Foothill Falls. After defeating the enemies along the ridge and getting the Stim Upgrade, use Force Pull to open the basement. You should then be able to talk to that droid downstairs. It’s also worth noting that the tunnel leads to the Phon’qi Caverns, a late-game area with a terminal where you can reveals all chests.

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Ashe and DD-EC: Harvest Ridge

Ashe and DD-EC are two Cantina recruits that can be found in the Harvest Ridge zone just before a tunnel and a hill with a barn. You can give them that music tracks you find so the droid can play additional tunes.

Bhima and Tulli: Boiling Bluff

Bhima and Tulli are two outpost NPCs that can be found in the Boiling Bluff, which is right between Untamed Downs and Devasted Settlement. You will get a marker leading to their location once you have The Odd Pair rumor/side quest. Once there, eliminate the mogu to save them. This will unlock the Holotactic minigame.

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Jawa: Past Settlement

Once you complete the Forest Array mission you will receive a Nekko mount which will then lead you to the past settlement. There’s a Jawa Sandcrawler in the distance, although you can’t go there until much later in the campaign (i.e. after acquiring traversal skills like Merrin’s Charm, Air Dash, and Lift and Slam).

If you already have these skills, use the metal grids and zip lines from the fast travel point. You should then be able to follow the high ledges and bins that meander through the area, eventually leading you to the sandcrawler. After defeating the enemies, talk to the Jawas to have them join.

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Pit Droid: Gorge Crash Site / Derelict Dam

You met this poor fellow earlier in the campaign, just before the downhill path leading to the Derelict Dam fast travel point. Once you have the Lift and Slam ability, use it on the crashed ship. After you lift it, the Pit Droid OUTpost NPC will be happy enough to join you.

These are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cantina Recruits who join you in Pyloon’s Saloon. After hitting them all, you will receive the Maximum Capacity achievement/trophy. You can find more tips and tricks in our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor leads hub.

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