Stingray vs SR-M1903 — Which Sniper Rifle is Better?

Both the Stingray and the SR-M1903 sniper rifle can be useful Resident Evil 4 make new for their long-distance skills. Whether you’re trying to grab an enemy or a bell to skip the village sequence, these rifles are worth adding to your inventory. But which weapon is better if you only had to choose one?

RE4 Remake Sniper Rifle Guide: Stingray vs SR-M1903

SR-M1903 statistics

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The SR-M1903 im Resident Evil 4 remake can be purchased from the dealer from the beginning From chapter 2. This bolt-action rifle costs 12,000 pesetas, and you should also get the scope, which costs 4,000 pesetas. It has the following base stats:

  • Performance: 2.50.
  • ammo capacity: 5.
  • reload speed: 1.00.
  • fire rate: 0.42.
  • Exclusive benefit: 2x performance.

Stingray Stats

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The Stingray is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can be purchased from the vendor From chapter 7. It costs 30,000 pesetas. It has the following base stats:

  • Performance: 3.30.
  • ammo capacity: 10.
  • reload speed: 0.84.
  • fire rate: 0.73.
  • Exclusive benefit: 2x rate of fire.

Which Resident Evil 4 Remake sniper rifle is better? answered

So which RE4 Remake sniper rifle should you choose? Which weapon is better: the SR-M1903 or Stingray?

According to our opinion, The Stingray is the best sniper rifle out there Resident Evil 4 make new. Aside from its higher base stats and improved attributes, the Stingray is also a semi-automatic weapon. Compared to the SR-M1903 bolt-action rifle, you don’t need to load another cartridge just to fire. Likewise, it has relatively decent stability, so you’ll have no problem getting a few accurate shots.

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The main advantage of SR-M1903, however, is its exclusive perk that doubles its power. At level 5 with the Exclusive perk, the weapon’s Power Stat is 10.6. The problem is that, as mentioned in our best weapon upgrades Guide, this is still far from an optimal setup when planning multiple campaign clears. As such, it remains woefully unnecessary in the long run.

That answers the question of which ones RE4 Remake sniper rifle is better in our Stingray vs SR-M1903 showdown. It’s worth having one of these weapons on your first run, but the Stingray is your best bet. That goes double for subsequent playthroughs. For more information, see our Resident Evil 4 instructions page.

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