Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode Gets Extended Gameplay Demo

This has been known since last year street fighter 6 would have an extensive single player mode called “World Travel,” but we now have a better idea of ​​just how extensive this mode will be. He looks a lot like that yakuza/Like a dragon Series, World Tour you will see how to create your own characters and explore different regions of the world to level up fighters and learn new skills from classic characters. It’s definitely more than a simple pillar ladder.

To kick off today’s Showcase stream, Capcom rolled out a new Sizzle role for street fighter 6 World Tour mode and confirmed some new details.

First, the player character is fully customizable in almost every way. You will not play as Luke or any of the main squad fighters. Second, your character will have a rival named Bosch who appears to be World Tour exclusive (although he may be unlockable).

Story details aside, Capcom touched on the fact that World Tour is quite similar to many open-world RPGs. They hit the streets and explore the different regions of the street fighter Universe from a more grounded level. As you travel, you can fight random people on the road, who will sometimes challenge you with robots and autonomous refrigerators.

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As you progress, you’ll encounter what Capcom calls “legendary” characters and learn new styles from them. The first to perform was Chun-Li, who was training with her student Li-Fen (a character alluded to earlier). street fighter 3).

Alongside all the information about the campaign mode, Capcom has detailed some of the upcoming features street fighter 6 Online part, called Battle Hub. We already knew most of this, but you can host lobbies where friends can join you at will. You can assign four cabinets to different game modes, including Standard Battle, Extreme Battle, and Training. Up to 16 players can register, which means you can host big events with your friends.

Classic arcade mode will also be available for offline play, unlocking special illustrations upon completion. Similar to street fighter 5there will be specific ladders for each character, giving them a more unique feel.

Capcom also revealed that a SF6 demo is now available on PlayStation and the developer has introduced the game Year 1 DLC. street fighter 6 will be released on June 2, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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