Sun Haven: How to Get Rid of Tilled Soil

sunport lots of fun but don’t know how to get rid of farmland? Not as much. While this latest magic-infused farming RPG isn’t perfect, it has more than enough to offer. The most notable omission is the lack of tutorials, leaving many wondering how to complete basic tasks. One of many is the removal of tilled soil.

How to get rid of farmland in Sun Haven

They want a perfect farm, we want a perfect farm, everyone wants a perfect farm. It takes time and effort to get there, so small basic aspects like tilling the ground that aren’t explained by the game can lead to major frustrations.

However, getting rid of a built-up floor tile is easy. Just as you used your hoe to till soil, you can use it to clear soil.

  • To till soil, left-click on an empty tile.
  • To edit the floor, right-click on a tile that you have already edited.

You can do this on a cultivated field with a crop on it if you want to move it somewhere else. It gets rid of the worked ground tile and returns the seed of the crop to your inventory, which you can then plant elsewhere. Note that if you pick up a plant and move it around, it will return to its first day of growth.

So now you know how to remove tilled soil sunport. Check out ours sunport Museum Bundle Guide for a list of the items you need for these bundles and browse for more sunport Leader here on GameSkinny.

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