Sun Haven: Should You Let Stephen Stay?

In relatively early sunport‘s story, you are tasked to go to the eastern woods to confront some bandits. Towards the end of the quest you’ll have to decide the fate of Stephen, one of the bandits who doesn’t seem so bad. Should you let Stephen join Sun Haven or turn him down?

Should you keep Stephen at Sun Haven?

harvest moon And History of the Seasons Players should be familiar with this type of scenario as this trope has appeared more than once in these series over the years.

Stephen seems to have run out of luck but isn’t exactly a threat and could even turn a new leaf with the right guidance. You’re not the person who can give you this guide, but maybe someone else in Sun Haven can.

The reality is that if you let Stephen stay in Sun Haven or turn him away, nothing actually happens. This may be a quest added to the game later, but as it stands there is no benefit or repercussion to letting him stay.

If you let Stephen stay, he’ll stay in the tavern and work for Mari and Ronald there. You’ll be able to see him at a table when you visit the tavern and he’ll express his gratitude, but that’s the extent of your interactions with him.

Whether or not you let Stephen stay depends on how you envision your character behaving socially more than anything else. This is the case for a lot of the game’s decisions, as it doesn’t really matter much how you behave in social situations. Do you know what matters? Whether you Complete your museum packages, as you get some nice rewards for completing them. Look for more sunport Leader here on GameSkinny.

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