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Hyper Light Breaker Gets Gameplay Reveal Trailer, EA Launch Window

Developer Heart Machine has taken a first look at the gameplay of its upcoming semi-sequel hyperlightbreaker. Set within the universe of Hyperlight drifterthis latest adventure is a massive departure from the first game zelda– like thrill. Instead of being thrown into a top-down pixel art dystopia, you can explore the world of interrupter with full […]

Thaumaturge Announcement Trailer Secret Was Gameplay Trailer

Fool’s Theory and 11 Bit Studios published it Gameplay trailer for The Thaumaturge. Only available on their website, a puzzle must be solved to watch. The solution to the riddle is the “secret” from the announcement trailer. Highlighted with a slowdown in the announcement trailer are the finger gestures used by the Thaumaturge to summon […]

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