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Street Fighter 6 Drive System Guide: Parry, Rush, Reversal, and Impact Explained

The street fighter 6 Drive Systems is new to the series and includes several submechanics: Overdrive, Parry, Rush, Reversal, Impact and Burnout. This clearly distinguishes it from its predecessors. While the tutorials will teach you these mechanics, you may not want to pause the game or exit a mode to memorize the ins and outs. […]

Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Recap: New Events and Characters

The next update for Genshin Impact was finally revealed. Following the celebrations in Version 3.6Version 3.7 will have a strong TCG focus in its events and will feature many returning characters alongside some new ones. It’s called “Duel! Summoner’s Summit!” Here’s our livestream recap. Version 3.7 New Events The flagship event revolves heavily around the […]

Honkai: Star Impact — Best Remembrance Blessings in Simulated Universe

The simulated universe is one of the most important endgame activities in Honkai: Starway. It’s a rogue-lite gauntlet made from progressively more difficult combat encounters, balanced by boons. These ability boosters give your team a potential advantage over your enemies. The Memory Path, one of six types of blessings, focuses primarily on the frozen state. […]

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