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Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Beverly Hills and Monarch Studios

Our tour of dead island 2Infected Los Angeles moves further into the suburbs as we visit Beverly Hills and nearby B-movie production company Monarch Studios. Both maps have some hidden lockers full of loot, including a unique weapon. Here’s how to get all the vault, locker, and case keys in these two areas. Not sure […]

Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Brentwood Sewers and Venice Beach

Our long term goal dead island 2 wanted to reach Ocean Avenue, but it took some long detours. Our next journey through “Hell-A” after the Zompokalypse takes us into the sewage system that’s as horrible as you think, and crusher-infested Venice Beach. This will give you all the locker keys you need at both locations. […]

Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Bel-Air and Halperin Hotel

Come in early dead island 2, when defeating zombies with pipes and fence posts, lockers represent a valuable opportunity to transition from improvised to real weapons. You can find all locker keys here dead island 2The first two cards. We’ve got more guides on the key locations of the lockers throughout the game, conveniently separated […]

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