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Meet Your Maker Review: Sadism Simulator

Dead by daylight Developer Behavior Interactive has another live service title on its hands Meet your maker. While it technically falls under the asynchronous multiplayer umbrella, nothing quite fits together Meet your maker‘s sadism-driven brand of base-building and precarious first-person combat and exploration. Its core premise makes a strong first impression, despite many glaring issues. […]

All Meet Your Maker Trophies and Achievements List

Meet your maker, the base-building FPS starring a spooky alien overlord, has plenty of trophies and achievements to unlock for those willing to face treacherous traps and a fearsome Harvester. Behavior Interactive’s game puts an awesome twist on the infiltration mechanic, where you’re a one-man army against dozens of nefarious player creations. How many trophies […]

Meet Your Maker: How to Prestige

Meet your maker offers multiple progression systems, with the prestige system only applying to your outposts. This doesn’t apply to your character at all. However, before you can prestige a base, there are a few things you need to do. This guide contains all the information you need. Get to know your Maker Prestige system […]

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