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First Confirmed Cards of Scarlet and Violet Paldea Evolved set for Pokemon TCG Revealed

Pokémon has revealed the first five cards for its next set, Scarlet and Violet – Paldea Evolved. The set includes more than 190 cards, with 15 new Pokémon-Ex coming out to play with. The first cards shown include three Pokémon, including one of the new Pokémon Ex cards, a Special Energy card, and a Supporter […]

Darkest Dungeon Flagellant Revealed as Game’s 12th Character

The Flagellant returns in the full release of Darkest dungeon 2, though he’s gone through some…changes. The flagellant that crawls back from Death’s door is now a corrupted man, whose repeated flail wounds have become caustic. Now its appearance bears more resemblance to the shambling corpses that are fought against the potential party members in […]

Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Paldea Evolved Expansion Revealed

The Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Paldea Expansion was announced by The Pokemon Company International before the new one Pokemon TCG: scarlet and violet series is out. With the new Pokémon Tera, the expansion contains over 190 cards. The set will be released in participating stores on June 9, 2023. Scarlet & Violet – Paldea […]

Risk of Rain Returns Artificer Survivor, Providence Trials Revealed

A new Risk of rain returns Survival and Game Modes, Artificer and Providence Trials were revealed by Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing. The additions to the upcoming remake of the cult-classic indie roguelike have been detailed Developer thoughts 30 Video on YouTube, and Hopoo said it will add the additional survivors alongside a series of […]

Counter Strike 2 Release Revealed by Valve as Overhauled Free Update

The Counterstrike 2 Release rumors were true, and Valve has finally pulled back the curtain and announced a “sequel” to its ridiculously popular competitive shooter in the form of CS2. Rather than being a full price new product or even some sort of splinter Counter Strike Global Offensive, CS2 will be a free update for […]

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Release Date, Tech Test Revealed in Kills Trailer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The release date was revealed along with news of an upcoming technical test. The asymmetrical horror game is ready to terrorize fans of Tobe Hooper’s classics as well as those of games like Dead by daylighton August 18, 2023. Gun Interactive also announced a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tech test on May […]

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