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V Rising Best Castle Locations

The latest update for V increases: Secrets of Gloomrot introduced a new area in the northern part of Vardoran. With this new addition there are some exciting new places to place your lock. Our guide will show you some of the best castle locations in V increasesconsidering the new update that includes the Gloomrot areas. […]

V Rising Best Weapons Tier List

have the best V increases Weapons undoubtedly increase your chances of survival. Of the 10 weapons in the game, some are categorically better than others – and well worth investing time in acquiring. All have three versions – regular bone, copper, and iron versions – as well as Merciless upgrades for higher tier crafting. Our […]

V Rising — How to Get Oil

Oil got an upgrade during the Gloomrot expansion V increases. Formerly known as fish oil, it is an important ingredient in tanning. Do you find it difficult to bring oil into play? Here are all the ways you can get your hands on oil with your vampire V increases. How to get oil in V […]

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion Receives New Trailer

Stunlock Studios has released a new trailer that will reveal more V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion releasing on May 17th with a wealth of new content. Here are the latest V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Details. The latest theatrical trailer features electricity, a raging storm and an eerily familiar scene. A scientist pulls levers […]

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