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Honkai Star Rail Echo of War: Cocolia End of the Eternal Freeze Guide

Honkai StarRail Echo of War’s Cocolia is one of two memorable boss fights in the current Trailblazer missions, and each represents the culmination of a specific story arc. Whether you want to relive the battle or are just looking for exclusive rewards, the Echo of War challenges are worth your time. Our guide will tell […]

Honkai Star Rail Echo of War: Doomsday Beast Destruction’s Beginning Guide

Honkai StarRail Echo of War’s Doomsday Beast can be challenging. The game features a whole host of unique battles throughout the groundbreaking missions, but none comes close to the big boss fights at the end of an arc. With the Echo of War Challenges, these memorable battles can be relived in varying levels of difficulty […]

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super League Event Guide

The Honkai StarRail The Boulder Town Super League event is the game’s first event since launch in April 2023. While the associated mode is a permanent addition, there are a few limited-time challenges you’ll want to complete while they’re available during the event. Our guide offers you the best strategies to beat the Boulder Town […]

Honkai Star Rail: Where to Find All Divination Commission Chests

find everything Honkai StarRail Divination Commission Chests can be a quest. The Divination Commission is a massive area made up of two levels connected by bridges, platforms, and Starskiff docks. In total there are 26 chests with simple, precious and rich treasures. Here you will find them all and the rewards you can expect. All […]

Honkai Star Rail: How to Redeem Twitch Drops and Link Accounts

Honkai StarRail Twitch Drops offer you tons of useful in-game rewards for watching streamers play. To celebrate the game’s release, HoYoverse is hosting a Twitch Drop event from April 26th to May 24th at 9:30am GMT/5:30am EST that will bring you tons of freebies including Credits, Stellar Jade, Guidebook and much more when you sign […]

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