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Sunbreak’s Fifth Title Update Includes Story Conclusion, New Monsters

Capcom held a small presentation for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak today for the detail “Title update five”. Celebrated as the end of the game’s main story, this latest update includes not only story missions, but also some new monsters and a plethora of unlockable costumes from event quests. The looming disaster Amatsu has set its […]

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Story Trailer Sets the Stakes For Cal’s Next Adventure

The newest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor The story trailer was published by Electronic Arts and Respawn and sets the scene for Cal Kestis’ next adventure. Five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal and his fellow Jedi Knights have been further displaced and are looking for a new haven from the Empire. On […]

Redfall’s Newest Story Trailer Delves Into Aevum’s “Thirst for Immortality”

With red falls release In just over a month, Bethesda is preparing fans for their journey to the game’s eponymous village with a brand new story trailer. This trailer doesn’t reveal much new information, but it’s a solid introduction for those who haven’t been following all the ins and outs of developer Arkane’s latest open-world […]

Stellaris: Receives Story Pack “First Contact” Releasing March 14

Stellaris gets one more piece of DLC content. The First Contact Story Pack was announced during the Paradox Announcement Show, And Coming to PC on March 14th via Microsoft Store, Steam and GOG.com. The Stellaris First Contact Trailer shows the beginnings of a civilization’s interactions with the visitors from the stars. The story was not […]

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