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Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Unlock the Strand Subclass, Get Aspects and Fragments

The destiny 2 Strand subclass introduced in incidence of light is a unique take on cosmic energy, and the abilities your Warden gains from using it are equally novel. You’ll gain some experience with it during the expansion’s campaign, but unlocking its full potential will take much longer. As with all Subclass 3.0 releases, there […]

Bungie Reveals How Strand Subclass Lets You Weave Enemies Out of Existence in Lightfall

The incidence of light extension for destiny 2 is getting closer every day, and we learned a ton of new details about the upcoming beach subclass in a recent blog post from Bungie. There was a lot to unpack, from aspects and fragments to exciting information, a new trailer and some developer insights. We’re going […]

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