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Destiny 2: Grandmaster Proving Grounds Nightfall Strike Walkthrough Guide

Grandmaster Nightfalls is the ultimate PvE endgame experience in destiny 2, and even outperforms Master difficulty raids. Proving Grounds is one of the easier GMs available during the Season of Defiance. As with any GM, you need to play safe and smart, but an efficient run can only take twenty minutes or so with a […]

Counter Strike 2 Release Revealed by Valve as Overhauled Free Update

The Counterstrike 2 Release rumors were true, and Valve has finally pulled back the curtain and announced a “sequel” to its ridiculously popular competitive shooter in the form of CS2. Rather than being a full price new product or even some sort of splinter Counter Strike Global Offensive, CS2 will be a free update for […]

Counter Strike 2 on Console: Will CS2 Be on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S Platforms?

Counterstrike 2 on console would be a fantastic development for fans of competitive shooters. Considering the options, a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S platform release would make the most sense for Valve’s tactical FPS, especially considering this CS2 is an update too CS:GOwith updated graphics and effects and new mechanics in the Source 2 engine. […]

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