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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Release Date, Tech Test Revealed in Kills Trailer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The release date was revealed along with news of an upcoming technical test. The asymmetrical horror game is ready to terrorize fans of Tobe Hooper’s classics as well as those of games like Dead by daylighton August 18, 2023. Gun Interactive also announced a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tech test on May […]

Redfall’s Newest Story Trailer Delves Into Aevum’s “Thirst for Immortality”

With red falls release In just over a month, Bethesda is preparing fans for their journey to the game’s eponymous village with a brand new story trailer. This trailer doesn’t reveal much new information, but it’s a solid introduction for those who haven’t been following all the ins and outs of developer Arkane’s latest open-world […]

Hyper Light Breaker Gets Gameplay Reveal Trailer, EA Launch Window

Developer Heart Machine has taken a first look at the gameplay of its upcoming semi-sequel hyperlightbreaker. Set within the universe of Hyperlight drifterthis latest adventure is a massive departure from the first game zelda– like thrill. Instead of being thrown into a top-down pixel art dystopia, you can explore the world of interrupter with full […]

Tekken 8 Trailer Shows Paul Phoenix Unleash His Burning Fist

Bandai Namco continues to reveal recurring characters for Tekken 8 with the latest trailer for the game. With the reintroduction of Paul Phoenix, it seems like time has been kind to the world’s strongest man. Though his clothes and hair are in tatters, Paul can still unleash his Burning Fist like it’s nobody’s business. Just […]

RoboCop: Rogue City Takes Aim At New Release Date In Latest Trailer

Developer Teyon, responsible for the 2019 cult hit Terminator Resistance, has unleashed a new trailer for RoboCop: Villain City this confirms our worst fears: it has been delayed. Originally scheduled for June 2023, players will now have to wait until September 2023 to hit the streets of Detroit and clean up crime. In the meantime, […]

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