Tekken 8 Asuka Kazama Trailer Reminds Us Not to Fight All the Time

Tekken 8‘s Asuka Kazama is one of the newest fighters in the game, presented by Bandai Namco. In addition, EVO Japan honored us with not one but two trailer for The upcoming sequel of fighting game.

The first trailer was for Leroy Smiththe first of tekke 7‘s new characters to make the leap Tekken 8. However, the second was for a confidant and relative of Tekken 8 Protagonists Jin and Jun Kazama. Asuka Kazama made her Tekken debut in tekke 5 as a long-awaited replacement for the then missing Jun Kazama.

Considering Jun’s long-awaited return to the series, there was some speculation as to whether Asuka would make the Tekken 8 roster as she was the spiritual successor to Jun’s fighting style. As Kazama, Asuka could play a role Tekken 8‘s story. This is finally usually a family matter.

Touted as a “spirited peacemaker,” Asuka has a strong sense of justice and integrity, which is reflected in her fighting style. She uses traditional Kazama-style martial arts, which is a more defensive fighting style. You’ll see her parry and use evasive maneuvers to create openings in her trailer.

Her rage style has changed a bit tekke 7. Here she throws her opponent high into the air before collecting air around her fist and landing an absolutely brutal gut wash line. It might not have as many hits as Leroy’s, but it looks like it’s going to hurt.

Asuka joins several classic characters Tekken 8‘s roster, including Paul Phoenix, Marshall law, king, Lars AlexandersonAnd Lingxiaoyuamong other. Tekken 8 The release is planned for 2024 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. In the meantime, stay tuned for more trailers, characters and info on Namco Bandai’s flagship fighter.

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Featured image via Bandai Namco.

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