Terra Nil: How to Unlock All Animals

unlock Terra Nile Animals are an essential part of waste recycling. As you cleanse the toxins poisoning land and water, reintroducing fauna is a required part of restoring your map. So how do you discover animals?

Each Terra Nile biome has a different collection of unlockable animals, and each of these types of animals has specific unlock requirements. The game doesn’t directly tell you what these requirements are, but there are hints in your manual under the Animals tab.

Some animal species, like the bear, require forests before they can be spotted. Others, like Narwhal, require something different.

In order to discover animals, you must reach the third stage of biome rehabilitation, after you have had the opportunity to regrow all of a map’s different ecosystems and build certain structures. Once you’ve done that, you’ll gain access to the Scanner, which you can build and use anywhere to scan the map and its ecosystems for animals.

Click on the arrow under the animal footprint that appears in the top left corner of the screen, then click on each animal portrait. Then click the orange circle just below the portraits on the right and highlight an area of ​​the map to search for them in that area.

Below we’ve outlined the animals in each biome, including their detection requirements. You may not be able to discover all animal species on a single map due to ecosystem requirements and tile sizes.

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How to find all animals in Terra Nile

In order to effectively search for the animals listed below, you usually need to scan multiple tiles at once in multiple biomes. For example, you can simply scan 20 green tiles for deer, but you need to scan 20 river tiles and 10 forest tiles with the same scan to spot beavers.

Also, some animals require certain weather conditions or you create lakes to find them. Most of the criteria are self-explanatory, but we’ve left notes on those that are a little more confusing.

Temperate Biome

  • Deer:
    • Within range of at least 20 green tiles.
  • frog:
    • Within range of at least 10 Wetland tiles.
    • Within range of at least 5 fynbos tiles.
  • Carry:
    • Within range of at least 20 forest tiles.
    • On a hill of at least 20 tiles.
    • Within reach of a beehive.
  • goose:
    • Make a lake with a 4×4 tile radius.
  • beaver:
    • Within range of at least 20 river tiles.
    • Within range of at least 10 forest tiles.
  • timber wolf:
    • Within range of at least 15 forest tiles.
    • Within range of a group of deer (must first search for and spot deer near a forest).
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Tropical biome

  • reef shark:
    • Within range of 4 mangrove tiles.
    • Within range of 16 coral reef tiles.
    • The temperature must be at least 20 degrees Celsius.
  • whale:
    • Within range of 20 ocean tiles.
    • Within range of 10 deep sea hexes (usually in a corner of the map).
    • No country within reach.
  • Parrot:
    • In assortment of 20 tropical forest tiles.
    • No buildings in range (scan after recycling buildings in the forest).
  • ceiling beam:
    • Within range of 8 ocean tiles.
    • Within range of 6 coral reef tiles.
    • Within range of 3 river tiles.
  • tortoise:
    • Within range of 10 beach tiles.
    • On a small island. (can be built with sandbar).
  • flamingo:
    • Within range of 10 beach tiles.
    • Within range of 10 wetland tiles (not mangrove tiles).

Polar Biome

  • Snow owl:
    • Within range of 10 forest tiles.
    • Within range of 10 tundra tiles.
  • narwhal:
    • Within range of 20 ocean tiles.
    • Within range of 4 ice sheets.
    • The temperature must be at least -10 degrees Celsius for glaciers to form.
  • penguin:
    • Within range of 16 sheets of ice.
    • Within range of 10 ocean tiles.
  • polar fox:
    • Within range of 10 snow tiles.
    • Within range of 5 tundra tiles.
  • Moose:
    • Within range of 6 lichen tiles (no moss on rocks).
    • Within range of 20 snow tiles.
  • Icebear:
    • Within range of 6 ocean tiles.
    • Within range of 16 snow tiles.
    • Near moose.
      • Rocks must meet the sea or be very close. Have lichen on rocks, scan for moose to populate moose and place a Flash Freezer to create snow around the rocks. If needed, use a Rock Hopper to place a second blast chiller.

Continental biome

  • tortoise:
    • In assortment of 20 lagoon tiles.
  • peacock:
    • In assortment of 24 green tiles.
  • panda:
    • In assortment of 20 bamboo tiles.
    • Within range of 6 green tiles.
  • boar:
    • Within range of 8 green tiles.
    • Within range of 12 Deciduous Forest Tiles.
  • sea ​​otter:
    • Within range of 12 ocean tiles.
    • Within range of 12 Seaweed Forest tiles.
  • Eagle:
    • Within range of 6 Decrepit Skyscraper Tiles.
    • Within range of boar group (must scan first to find boar).

How to unlock all Terra Nile Animals and bring all species to each of the cards you recover from the scraps.

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