The 12 Best Side Quests to do in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The best side quests list could be much longer than 12 entries. Many DeadK Side quests are fun, intriguing, and engaging – but we need to focus on a few that really stand out. The trips listed here will take you to all corners of the world where you can make new discoveries and make new friends. Now let’s dive into the 12 best side quests Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Note: This article contains spoilers!

Top 12 side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom listed

Our 12 best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Side quests come down to personal preference, and you may feel that others deserve to be on the list – or some should be removed! And that’s okay! One of the best parts of DeadK is that there is so much content to explore, and most of it Is Good.

I’ve spent over 140 hours in the game exploring, battling, and solving puzzles. Honestly, there are so many quests I could list that this article could be thousands of words long. Instead, I’ve narrowed it down to a few that are fun And helpful. Of course, I didn’t include the likes of Dragon’s Tears/Geoglyphs, Messages From an Ancient Era, or one that requires you to find a fifth “someone” later on.

Best TotK Side Quests Mission Chain: Obtaining the Purah Pad Upgrades

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Of all the optional objectives in the game, there’s probably nothing more important than the mission chain that earns you Purah Pad upgrades. From Lookout Landing you have to do it Help Robbie the researcherand soon after you will Obtain the Purah Pad cameraso you can take photos.

Later, you can purchase the Sensor, essential when searching for shrines, and the Sensor+, which allows you to track creatures, plants, materials, and even treasure chests. Other upgrades include the Travel Medallions, which act as instant fast travel points, and the Hero Mode feature for your map, showing your previous steps/locations.

Become a Lucky Clover Gazette reporter

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After marking the Lookout Landing fast travel point, you will meet a Rito named Penn. He will ask you to come and see him Lucky Clover Gazette, which is fairly close to Rito Village. This leads to one of the best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom side missions. The entire chain takes you to different stables and is a great way to start your exploration. Alternatively, doing this later in the game will speed up the process once you know where all the stables are.

Photographing for stables

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Let’s say you already have the Purah Pad cam and are roaming around with Penn to discover stables. What could your next best be? DeadK side quest? I suggest interacting with the blank canvas in each stable for some fun. This will alert the stable owner to you and unlock the stable Image for Stable Side Quest Chain. In it you have the task of taking a photo of a certain place, object or piece of landscape for a certain stable owner. For each completion you will receive the stable’s special recipe as well as an additional pony point.

Hunt Bubbul Frogs and give Bubbul Gems to Kilton

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If you delve into caves and tunnels, you will likely see something Bubbul Frogs dropping Bubbul Gems. You can trade these with Kilton at the Woodland Stable in Eldin. After that he goes to Tarrey Town where you can give him more gems. Every time you provide a few of these, he will reward you with unique armor pieces, including the Mystic armor set.

Become a Yiga Ninja

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Speaking of unique armor sets: Yiga armor set brings bonuses to your stealth skills. In addition, you can trick would-be assassins into believing you are one of them. This leads to some secret side quests, including one involving a shrine after you become a blade master. Of course, this is a simple call for the best DeadK Side quests considering what you get.

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Take on Master Kohga and acquire the autobuild ability

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among the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom best side quests, few can match the Depths quest line. In it, you will follow a path laid out by statues, which will eventually lead you to the temple secret autobuild ability. As the name suggests, you can use it to create items based on Ultrahand designs – or even from scratch.

The further you advance, the more you will fight Master Kohga. This fight has some of the most hilarious moments and is one of the most unique boss encounters due to its clumsy antics.

Clear the Great Deku Tree

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There is little indication that this is a quest Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but I’ll include it anyway because it’s so important. Basically, the Great Hyrule Forest is shrouded in fog. In the middle you will find the deku tree, who has terrible stomach pains. That’s because a rift is growing within it. You have to fight against some nasty enemies to purify this ancient being. Not only is it helpful in getting rid of the fog, it is also one of the best Tears of the Kingdom Side quests due to their importance to series fans.

Ride dragons to help goddess statues

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From one ancient being to several others, you’ll come across quite a few goddess statues that need your help. Compared to those who Improve your heart and endurance or ‘Wise of the Wise’ boost, these require a claw from the dragons in the sky. Yes, you can fly, glide or skydive to reach them. And yes, you can drive them too. How awesome is that? Pretty damn great.

Find the four eyes to awaken… Something

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On the Great Plateau south of Hyrule Field, a statue of a Great Goddess asks a favor: find her four eyes and drop them into the chasms. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Still, you can continue with the task for this quest: A call from the deep. You’ll search the surface realm for the eyes, then drop them into the depths for you to take to a giant Bargainer statue.

Awaken the great fairies… and Malanya

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The four great fairies and Malanya I don’t want to be disturbed right from the start DeadK Campaign. Nevertheless, you will learn about various tasks that you can do with it. They either need specific items or specific people to play music for them. Once awakened, the four Great Fairies increase your various armor values. Malanya, meanwhile, Improves the stats of your horses or revive her.

Tasks after completing the regional main quests – and the Zora armor set

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The campaign requires you to tackle regional phenomena in Hebra, Eldin, Gerudo, and Lanayru. Once you’re done with that, you might be tempted to the next location. However, we recommend staying close and talking to NPCs in the main cities. There are those that provide new quests for you, and some even reward you with unique items, such as Zora armor set.

Explore the mazes

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Once you open the world map via Skyview Towers, you will notice strange things around the edges of the map. These are the Labyrinths, three gigantic statues with their own areas in the Surface, Sky, and Deep realms. Set out and find the terminals so you can discover their secrets. You might even get a really cool armor set.

These are just some of the best side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I said it comes down to personal preference, so you might have other tips as well. Check out our page for more weapon opinions, tips and walkthroughs Zelda DeadK guides hub.

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