The Last of Us Part 1: All Comic Book Locations Guide

Comics are kind of collectible in The Last of Us Part 1. These are issues of the Savage Starlight series which Ellie seems to enjoy reading. While they don’t do anything to level up your character skills or anything like that, you’ll still get some related achievements for finding their locations. There are 14 total to collect.

Where to find all comics and locations in The Last of Us Part 1

The first comic book you pick up (not obtained) during your playthrough will reward you with the Savage Starlight Fan achievement. Then once you’ve found them all The Last of Us Part 1 comics, earn the Endure and Survive achievement. The good thing is that if you miss any of these, you can check the chapter menu to see which ones you still need to find.

Anyway, we’ve listed these ELEPHANT Part 1 Collectibles below and make a note of the chapter and segment you will discover them in.

Pittsburgh Comics

Comic #1 Location: Force Carrier – Alone and Abandoned

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This comic book is obtained automatically after the cutscene at the beginning of this chapter. This is the same comic book that Ellie was reading during the cutscene, so it should be in your inventory. Since this isn’t being picked up at all, you won’t get the Savage Starlight Fan achievement just yet.

Comic Book #2 Location: Termination Shock – Alone and Abandoned

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After exiting the starting area through the garage, you’ll find yourself on a road that leads to the main section. The collectible is in the wreckage of a bus.

Comic Book #3 Location: Accretion – Hotel Lobby

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Keep going in this part until Ellie saves Joel from the bat. After climbing the ladder, shimmy across the gap and grab this comic book from a table.

Comic Book #4 Location: Deep Phase – Escape from the City

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Once Sam and Henry have joined you, exit their apartment and go down a flight of stairs. You should see a room that can be unlocked with a Shiv. The collectible is on a computer desk.

The suburban comics

Comic Book #5 Location: Antiparticles – Sewers

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The The Last of Us Part 1 Comic Book in The Suburbs is at the beginning of this chapter. Once you can control Joel, head to the shipwreck on the river. Enter the boat’s bridge/control room to retrieve this.

Comic Book #6 Location: Messenger Particle – Suburbs

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Later, the group arrives at an abandoned subdivision. This item is in a bedroom in the house at the end of the winding street (near where two dogs are barking).

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Tommy’s Dam Comics

Comic Book #7 Location: Alien Element – Hydroelectric Plant

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At the beginning of this chapter you go down a path along the river. On the side you should see a car wreck. Take the collectible from there.

Comic Book #8 Location: Zero Point – The Ranch

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A little later, Joel and Tommy have to search for Ellie and finally come across a large ranch. Check any of the second floor bedrooms and you’ll spot this comic book on a dresser.

University comic book

Comic Book #9 Location: Free Radicals – Go Big Horns

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When this chapter starts, go back down the downhill road until you see a car. There is a collectible here that you can pick up.

Lakeside Resort Comics

Comic #10 Location: Uncertainty – The Hunt

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The next couple The Last of Us Part 1 Comics are found as you control Ellie. After killing the deer you will come to an abandoned cabin with a Warren Coral Mining sign. You can find this item in a drawer.

Comic Book #11 Location: Negentropy – Cabin Resort

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Proceed to the point where Ellie ends on the resort exterior. As you advance further, you’ll crawl through a drainpipe before encountering the gate that leads to the main cabin. There’s a section just outside the gate with a bench, and that’s where you’ll find the comic book.

Bus Depot Comics

Comic Book #12 Location: Precipitate – Highway Escape

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This one is after the cutscene where you pet the giraffe but before you reach the main camp with FEDRA tents. As you go down the steps you will see a waiting area. Check the bathroom to find this item.

Comic Book #13 Location: Catalysis – Underground Tunnel

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Well after you go through the tunnel that is full of walkers there is a section where you have to bring a ladder to Ellie. Go to the edge of the opening to pick this up.

Jackson comic book

Comic Book #14 Location: Singularity – Epilogue

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This is the last comic book in The Last of Us Part 1. After gaining control of Ellie, check the right side of the wooded area to find a truck. This item is on the driver’s seat.

That’s all the comic locations in The Last of Us Part 1. Check out our guides best weapon upgrades and the best/worst skills exactly here.

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