The Legend of Dragoon Highlights PlayStation Premium Classics for February 2023

fans of the Dragoon Legend look forward like PlayStation announced The cult classic will join the list of available PlayStation Premium Classics on February 21, 2023. After years of campaigning for any type of port or ideally a remake, fans’ hopes were fulfilled when the PS1 game made its way to PS4 and PS5.

Along with The Legend of the Dragoon, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, wild arms 2And Destroy all humans! will also be added to the Classics list.

The Dragoon Legend

Originally for the PS1, The Dragoon Legend Released in North America in 2000. Harnessing the spiritual energy of dragons, Dart and his allies confront evil forces across the land. The last time it was released on PlayStation Network in 2010, it developed a cult following. The port is “enhanced with up-rendering, rewinding, quick saves, and custom video filters.”

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

One of the original farming sim franchises, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature features 50 interactive characters, cute bubble style cows and all the plants you can grow. It will be ported to both PS4 and PS5 and “adds up-rendering, rewinding, quick saves and custom video filters”. However, some of the changes may make the game play a little differently than original fans remember.

wild arms 2

Another PS1 Original, wild arms 2 revolves around the story of an anti-terrorist organization, ARMs, working to take down the Odessa terrorist organization and prevent it from taking over the world. Originally released in 1999, with the last port release in 2007, this version will be “enhanced with up-rendering, rewinding, quick saves and custom video filters”.

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Destroy all humans!

As the title suggests, this PS2 original is all about destroying puny humans, taking down the government and searching for DNA. Destroy all humans! lets you play as an evil alien where you can destroy people with your brain and cities with your UFO.

These four games will join the PlayStation Premium Classics games catalog on February 21st. Check out our other coverage to see what other games are being added this month.

Featured image by Precision GFX [“The Legend of Dragoon [BG]” by Precision GFX licensed under CC BY 2.0.]

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