The Outlast Trials: Can You Customize Your Character After the Beginning?

When you first start this The Outlast examsyou have the option to create a character, but you can customize your character once you start The Outlast exams? While not necessary, Red Barrels offers multiple customization options to make your character and cell feel like your own.

The Outlast Trials: Can You Customize Them After Launch?

Yes, even after launch you can still customize your character The Outlast exams. In addition, you will have additional options for changing your clothes and equipment.

How to change appearance

You can change your appearance by interacting with the mirror in your cell.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Your cell phone is not in the same place every time you load it into the Murkoff facility. But you can find it by following the icon with a door icon in it. My cell is usually on the second floor, but a few times I’ve had mine on the ground floor. You can also verify that this is your cell by checking the name above the cell door.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

How to change appearance

After interacting with the mirror, you’ll be taken to a screen that’s pretty much the same as the customization menu from the start. The only difference is that you have more options to customize your character. However, you will find that these new options have to be purchased first.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean microtransactions exist The Outlast exams. Instead, you can earn money just by playing the game. The Outlast exams recently entered his Early Access PeriodAs such, we will be working to add content as the game progresses towards launch and beyond.

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