The Outlast Trials Early Access Starts May 18

The Outlast exams developed by Red Barrels goes into Early Access on Steam. From May 18th you can play the next game in the Outlast world. The announcement was accompanied by a new one Fan It shows the voice acting that went into the development of the game and hints at its story.

Murkoff processes

Survive the Murkoff Trials alone or with friends in a team of four. Kidnapped and taken to a shadowy human testing facility in Murkoff, you will be tormented both physically and mentally. To change human behavior during the height of the Cold War, the screams of other test subjects will rip through the building. The main protagonist of the trials expresses no emotion as she incapacitates people in their quest for personality overrides.

Closed Beta Success

The initial closed beta for The Outlast exams was a triumphant success with nearly a million players logging in to see what the game was all about. Other announced dates:

  • 225,363 player deaths
  • 656,180 players Knocked Out
  • 352,851,550 seconds (11 years) spent in night vision
  • Active Skill was used 1,841,161 times
  • 35 years of total time players spent playing The Outlast Trials during the closed beta

After compiling the gameplay data and feedback, the team was able to significantly improve the gaming experience.

While price and available content for The Outlast exams Early access is yet to be announced, with Red Barrels expecting more people to contribute Survive world an attempt. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Featured image via Red Barrels

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