The Sims 4 All Infant Milestones Guide

Toddlers were finally admitted The Sims 4, and the grow together The expansion pack adds even more with Milestones for toddlers. Milestones can be used to guide your play by giving you a roadmap of potential life events, and there are many toddler milestones to aim for.

While all Sims have the same main categories of milestones, toddlers also have two additional categories.

Some milestones are necessary in an infant’s development before moving on to the next. A toddler can only eat in the high chair once they have learned to sit up. Just like a real baby crawls before it walks, your Sim toddlers have to take things one step at a time.

Image via Electronic Arts

All Toddler Milestones

If you meet toddler milestones and take care of your precious little baby, you stand a better chance of earning a premium toddler rewards benefit as he grows older. These are the toddler milestones we’ve uncovered so far. This list will be updated as more are unlocked.

  • Born / Born in the hospital
  • first smile
  • learn to coo
  • raised head
  • First Eruption
  • learn to sit up
  • Learn to reach
  • Laugh
  • First smiled
  • Roll onto your back
  • Roll onto your stomach
  • Grasp
  • chatter
  • slept through the night
  • To sneak
  • first meal
  • Blow Raspberry
  • toe in mouth
  • First bath
  • First bubble bath
  • Crawl
  • Pee on caregiver
  • Pull to stand
  • pincer grip
  • First finger food

Infant milestones give the grow together a way to track memories across generations and plan how you want your Sims to age. For more The Sims 4 Help, visit our instructions page.

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Featured image via Electronic Arts

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