The Sims 4: How to Get Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are new to The Sims 4 grow together Expansion that introduces a new mechanic that allows you to pass down memories and items across your family generations. Family heirlooms live on grow togetherbut you need to know how to use a keepsake box to pass them on.

How to get reminder boxes

There are three versions of the Keepsake Box that can be purchased in Build/Buy mode. You can type in the search in the keepsake box to quickly find your options. Each version does the same thing. Once you’ve bought the version you like for your family, place it around your home where you’ll remember it is.

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How to use a keepsake box

There are a few caveats to using the Keepsake Box. The Sim using it must be an Elder. When your eldest is selected, you can make them the owner of the keepsake box.

Note: an elder can only do this once. So if you want multiple keepsake boxes, make sure the correct Elder is claiming the correct box.

You can use various items such as B. Milestone Rewards, in the Keepsake Box. Open the box and drag the items in or out as you like. Your eldest can “reflect on the purpose of life” in order to change family dynamics or clear previously acquired dynamics by selecting “No one knows what family means.”

Before your eldest gets too old, you should choose another Sim in your family to entrust with the Keepsake Box. This will pass the crate to that Sim, but they cannot trust it to anyone else until they are an Elder. You can continue to add new items in the meantime.

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This is how you can get the Keepsake Boxes The Sims 4 grow together and how to use them. For more help click The Sims 4take a look at our annex instructions page.

Featured image via Electronic Arts

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