The Sims 4: How to Increase Household Size Beyond 8

When it comes to expanding your household beyond 8 inches The Sims 4, you have limited options to do so. Adding more Sims to a home or getting more slots is not as easy as some other tasks in the game. Mods must be used to increase the maximum size, and this is only available in the PC version of The Sims 4, not on PS4 or Xbox One.

Increasing the maximum household size in The Sims 4 explained

So how do you grow your household beyond 8 Sims? If you want to have more Sims in your household than the default number set by EA, you need the help of mods.

For this part, you have a few choices of mods that will help you increase slots and increase your household.

The most popular mod that includes the ability to increase the size of your household seems to be MC command center. However, because this mod has so many other features, it’s a big file to add to your game. So you must be aware of it before installing it.

If you just want to add more Sims to your household in The Sims 4maybe you prefer a smaller mod. The Sims 4 Larger household mod would be a good choice.

How big can my household be in The Sims4?

None of these mods allow infinite Sims, but you can use them to go from a maximum of 8 Sims per household to 104 with MC Command Center and 24 with Larger Household Mod.

How to use MC Command Center and Sims 4 Larger Household Mods

  • First install the mods and extract their files to yours Sim’s 4 MODS folder:
    • Located under C:\[Username]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\MODS is replaced by your Windows username by default [Username]).
    • Next start The Sims 4go to Settings in the game optionsand make sure Enable script mods is checked.
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Screenshot from Gameskiny

  • For the Larger household moduse the command TM Full house to add a Sim to a household of 8 or more Sims.
    • To delete a Sim use TM.deletesim.
  • For MC command centerselect a computer on your property and select MC Command Center.
    • Go to MCCC Settings.
    • Gameplay Settings.
    • Select “Maximum Household Size” and enter the new value you want as the maximum household size.
    • You must restart your game for the change to take effect.

Screenshot from Gameskiny

The newest grow together DLC could make you want to have more sims in your household than the default of 8 and these mods can help you increase the max size of your house. You can find more Sim’s 4 Leader that might be useful, such as how to fix broken mods And any chance of having a baby.

Featured image via Electronic Arts.

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