The Sims 4 Infant Update Now Live

Added to this is the nine-year waiting period for infants The Sims 4 is finally over as the much-anticipated Baby Update is released today, bringing with it a ton of content for this new chapter in Sims life. The update is not only available today, but right now.

Toddlers will be little adult Sims just like they were The Sims 3 and previous entries, the little bundles have their own characteristics as well as a variety of customization options in the CAS for the babies that you may create yourself. Older Sims can also have birth marks and stretch marks, in addition to other birth and parent-related customization options.

You can read a comprehensive overview of the new features of the update in our Infant update highlight articlebut there are sure to be surprises in the patch.

This is going to be a big week if you’re interested The Sims 4. It’s in just two days grow together The expansion will land to round out the content added in today’s update. grow together will add a variety of new features and CAS options for Sims of all life stages, including toddlers. The new socialization features are particularly intriguing if you’re a longtime fan of The Sims.

One thing is for sure, with today’s baby update things are about to get a whole lot busier for all parent Sims, and Sims will experience a new range of socially-driven emotions The Sims 4: Growing Together on March 16th. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more The Sims 4 Leader and news.

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