The Sims 4: Midlife Crisis Guide

The Sims 4 The midlife crisis mechanic adds more drama to the lives of your adult Sims. As can happen in real life, these events will spark new aspirations for Sims, whether they want to join a new career path, get closer to others, or reach new levels of success. This guide tells you everything you need to know about handling midlife crisis events.

This is how a midlife crisis works in The Sims 4

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Reminiscent of a similar mechanic in The Sims 3: Generations, adults can end up with one of four different midlife crises that they can either ignore or resolve. Different tasks are assigned to each of these events.

Completing these tasks will decrease the timer associated with the crisis and give your Sim a positive moodlet. If you ignore it, the Crisis will complete when the timer runs out, with no additional positive moodlets.

There are currently no known triggers for receiving a Midlife Crisis Event other than cheats. Otherwise, your Sim must be an adult and have never had a midlife crisis.

However, there is a hint as to when one might be coming. When you see an early midlife crisis notification, it means your Sim is headed for a change in life goals if things don’t change. Sims cannot experience more than one of these at a time.

During a midlife crisis, your Sim will have one all the time Tense moodlet. You can use this as your tracker of how long the crisis will last. If you ignore it completely The typical length of an episode is seven days. Completing tasks not only shortens this amount of time, but also grants your Sim happiness points that can be used to purchase unique items.

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dissolution phase explained

Once the crisis is over, your Sim enters what is known as the resolution phase. Your Sim will have the Happy Moodlet, giving them +2; they may develop new likes or dislikes.

The Happy Moodlet lasts two days before disappearing and completing the Resolution phase. From that point on, life for your Sim goes on as usual.

List of all midlife crisis events

Midlife Crises focus on a specific type of activity that your Sim may be missing from their life. And while the tasks can be randomly assigned, none of them involve massive impulse purchases, which can be seen in The Sims 3: Generations.

  • The spirit of adventure: The tasks revolve around experiencing new things, exploring new areas, discovering hidden treasures or doing extreme sports.
  • The desire for relationships: Tasks focus on making new friends, getting married and making meaningful connections.
  • The desire to create: Creative tasks such as painting, playing the piano or visiting museums encompass this crisis.
  • The desire for success: Learning new skills and advancing is at the heart of this midlife crisis.

Here’s how a midlife crisis works from start to finish in The Sims 4. What happens to your Sim and how long it takes is entirely up to you. For other instructions on new grow together Mechanics, look at ours Library of cover for The Sims 4.

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