The Sims 4 Not Working for Some with Infant Update Server Load

The infant update was released for The Sims 4, but not everyone can get their hands on the long-awaited patch just yet. Many players are running into the game that won’t load, can’t access much of the EA app, and are even having trouble downloading the patch as Electronic Arts’ servers are believed to be struggling under the strain.

They’ve been a long time coming for nine years, but the babies are finally coming around The Sims 4 to provide an even richer Sim experience. The infant life stage has been one of the most requested features from the playerbase since its release in 2014, as infants were a life stage in previous entries in the series.

You can say that Baby update has been a long time coming considering the current state of EA’s update and game servers, as has the patch released on the EA app and Steam for PC. This isn’t the only big news for The Sims 4 this week, however, with the grow together The expansion pack will be released on all relevant platforms in just two days to further enhance the family experience with new social options, life events, furniture and items, and features.

The Sims 4 If the problem doesn’t work, it doesn’t last long and there’s no solution, so keep calm and wait for it to pass. You might wander off for a while trying to distract yourself, the baby update will be in your hands soon enough. Once that is the case, check out our growing list instructions for The Sims 4.

Featured image via Electronic Arts.

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