V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion Receives New Trailer

Stunlock Studios has released a new trailer that will reveal more V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion releasing on May 17th with a wealth of new content. Here are the latest V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Details.

The latest theatrical trailer features electricity, a raging storm and an eerily familiar scene. A scientist pulls levers and assembles something on a table connected to various tubes. As a storm rages, a switch is flipped and the creature springs to life. Looks like a creature inspired by Frankenstein’s monster is coming to Gloomrot.

Along with the new monster comes a new magic school, Storm. Not much is known except that it focuses on electricity. The magic of the new magic school may even have been used to give life to the creature in the trailer.

Secrets of Gloomrot Is V Rising first extension. Said to include the new biome of Gloomrot, it is a land ravaged by continuous scientific experimentation. New V-Blood bosses – one of which could be our new Frankenstein friend – the new V-Blood tracking system, new powers and more variety throughout the game will be included. Along with recent overhauls to game mechanics, such as the castle building system, Secrets of Gloomrot is supposed to be a huge update for the game.

For those who want to try it V rising, it is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Stay tuned as the release date for Secrets of Gloomrot is getting closer as more details may emerge before it goes live.

Featured image via Stunlock Studios.

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