Valorant: How to Fix Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error

get that Appreciation The “Could not enter matchmaking” error is never a good thing. When it occurs, you won’t be able to join games, and it’s especially frustrating when it appears after you’ve previously been queued in a lobby or already had long waits. If you have encountered the problem, you may be wondering what is causing it and if there is a solution. Here’s what you need to know.

What does Matchmaking could not be entered mean?

If you get the error “Could not enter matchmaking” while playing Appreciationit simply means that there are connection problems between you and them Appreciation Server.

The causes can be myriad and many, including normal server downtime, an interruption in your internet service, or an unexpected influx of players.

At the end of the day, the cause doesn’t matter much as you are stuck and unable to play. So is there a solution to the annoying Appreciation Mistake?

How to fix “Could not enter” matchmaking error in Valorant

There are a few things you can try to fix this Appreciation Errors, although none of them are guaranteed to work as “unable to matchmaking” could also be a server-side issue.

Check Valorant server status

The very first troubleshooting thing you should do when you encounter this error in the client when trying to join a match is to check the status of Valorant’s servers. It’s possible they’re just offline when you’re trying to play.

You can look for peaks in connectivity issues or downtime by visiting:

Try matchmaking again

Ok, I know: this one is kind of not helpful, but worth trying as a second line of defense before doing anything else. If the Appreciation Servers aren’t down and the game isn’t having any other issues, it’s possible your internet connection is causing the error.

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Since most ISPs don’t provide a stable signal all day, 100% of the time – and since several factors can affect bandwidth – it’s possible that your internet connection simply dropped when you tried to connect.

It’s worth trying the matchmaking again just in case a temporary drop in bandwidth caused the matchmaking error.

Check your internet connection

You can perform this step in conjunction with retrying the matchmake if you received the error message. You can check your Internet and network connections by looking for the network icon in the lower-right corner of your Windows taskbar.

  • Wireless connection: When connected, you will see arcing bars. Three means you have a strong signal, two a decent signal, and one a fairly weak signal.
  • cable connection: You will see a computer monitor with a cable running up the left side.
  • Separated: You will see a globe icon with lines on it.

You can also check your internet status and network connections by going into Control Panel and troubleshooting there.

Other possible fixes

If the possible fixes above didn’t work to bypass the error, you should try these other general troubleshooting options:

  • Quit Valorant and restart the game.
  • Restart the Riot client.
  • Update the Riot client.
  • Reset/unplug your router.
  • Restart your computer.

You could Uninstall and reinstall Valorant, but considering that the problem is almost 100% internet or server related, there is no need to go that far.

These are the possible fixes for the “Could not enter matchmaking” error in Appreciation, should you ever come across it. As with many issues of this nature, fixing it usually comes down to waiting it out, but at least you can use the troubleshooting tips above.

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