Wartales: Adaptive or Region-locked Exploration Explained

There are two main game modes in Wartales, Adaptive exploration or region-locked exploration. These affect how you play the game and the order in which you might explore different areas. Here are the key differences between Adaptive and Region Locked Exploration modes. Wartales.

Differences between adaptive and region-locked exploration

Adaptive Exploration

As the name suggests, Adaptive Exploration takes your level and adjusts enemies to be at an appropriate difficulty level.

No matter where your adventure takes you, enemies will scale to suit your level. This will ensure that you have a challenge every time you fight enemies without them being too strong or too weak.

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Region-bound exploration

Region-bound exploration sounds like an area is locked until you’re strong enough to survive there. That’s not the case, making it more of a traditional RPG experience.

This exploration mode has locked the area’s mobs on certain levels and difficulties no matter what level you are on or where you are in the story. That means you’re wandering into a new area of ​​the map and can be completely decimated by a squad of bandits 10 levels higher than you without even knowing you’re in a higher level area.

Aside from having areas that are higher than your level, once you’ve played for a while and your team is pretty strong, there will be many areas that are lower than your level.

Which exploration mode to choose

Both Adaptive Exploration and Region-Locked Exploration have their pros and cons. Adaptive makes the game less difficult, allows you to scale throughout the game and not worry too much about where you’re wandering. It doesn’t let you face off against weaker enemies just to farm components or krowns.

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Region-bound exploration can cause you to lose a lot of companions or even end the game if you get in the wrong place. It limits where you want to go next and how your story progresses. It does, however, allow you to farm low-level mobs for items, creating a game plan for your gameplay and providing more of a challenge if you so choose.

Which mode is the best is up to you to decide based on your playstyle. If you can keep track of where you are and want easier and more challenging enemies in certain areas, then region-locked exploration is probably better for you. If you tend to get lost despite looking at a map, or just like to wander the world without worrying about enemies, Adaptive Exploration will most likely result in less frustration.

If you’re stuck on a quest without Krowns or want to get multiple achievements, check out ours Wartales Instructions section for help.

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