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In the camp, your companions can improve their professions, relax with a good meal and get paid Wartales. Starting with a campfire and workshop, you can expand your camp to fit all your needs. These are all of the different structures and tools that you can build and upgrade for your camp Wartales.

Wartales Camp structures and tools

There is a wide range of objects that can be built for the camp. Obtained through blueprints, crafting other structures first, or given originally in-game, storage tools and structures cover a variety of needs. Some of the items are the only way to reach certain levels jobslike Cook or Bard.

cooking pot

The cooking pot is used to improve the cooking profession. Cooked dishes provide higher food values ​​as well as bonuses. When the chef is assigned to the cooking pot, the amount of food required during a break is reduced. It can be learned through knowledge points in the Compendium.

tanning rack

The Tanning Rack blueprint can be purchased from the Athes Tracker’s Camp in Arthes for 200 Pristine Fangs. It is used to create leather from animal carcasses. It can also be unlocked by upgrading the Cannibalism perk in the Compendium.


The campfire is already built and in place when you first camp Wartales. It increases happiness as long as you have at least one companion assigned to it. When upgraded, you can convert wood into coal, which is needed for blacksmithing. Creating Coal also gives +1 to Happiness during a pause.

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The workshop is another tool that comes pre-configured with the camp. This is the tool that levels up your Tinkerer and allows him to build and upgrade other camp structures. When the tinkerer is assigned to the workshop, he creates two resources per break.

strategy table

The strategy table gives a boost to one of three combat tactics when built. If a high-ranking companion such as a captain or lieutenant is assigned to the table, they will receive an additional bravery point per break. The strategy table is unlocked once you can assign a companion as a captain.


The tent is unlocked with Knowledge in the Compendium. It is one of the plans given at the beginning of the game. If you have it in your camp, you will get another bravery point and a companion assigned to it.


The Banner is another item specific to high-level companions. As your squad grows, it will be unlocked and carried into the world by whoever is assigned to it in camp. You can use the banner to spend Influence Points and get various benefits until the next break, such as: B. increasing your carry weight by 50 pounds. The design of the banner can be customized to suit your style.

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hitching post

The Hitching Post can be learned and unlocked through the Compendium for one Knowledge Point. You can assign up to two horses to the hitching post, increasing their carrying weight by ten.


The lectern is unlocked when your Scholar advances to Apprentice. This is the only way your scholar can gain experience outside of a Tomb of the Ancients. The lectern is used to decipher codexes and research/discover items from ancient treasures. When a scholar is assigned to the lectern, knowledge is gained passively during a pause.

storage box

The Camp Chest is designed to keep your valuables safe. This can be a variety of things you want to keep. Unfortunately, placing items in the storage box does not subtract their weight from your total carry weight.

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However, if you assign a thief to the chest and there are stolen items in it, the companion will start washing out those items.


The blueprint for the lute is in the cursed village of Lethyre in Ludern. This is the only way your bard can level up.

If you haven’t unlocked the bardic profession, you can assign a companion to be a bard after building the lute. Once assigned, the bard can learn songs to perform at inns to earn krowns and influence. Troop gains +1 Willpower when a Bard is assigned.


Do your prisoners keep escaping during a break? Put them in the stocks! Blueprints can be found in every prison except Tiltren. Fully upgraded, you can keep four prisoners in the camps.

meat drying rack

Purchase the Blueprint for the Meat Drying Rack at the Trackers’ Camp in the Highlands for 200 Pristine Fangs. Once built and placed in storage, you can create Jerky from Carcasses.

Impaling Stake

The Impaler scares your enemies by increasing Influence during a pause when impaling a corpse on it. Obtain the blueprints from the Tracker Camp in Ludern. If a companion is assigned to the mission, the influence earned is doubled.


The plan for Dice can be purchased at the Ludern Jail. With two companions assigned, Dice generates +2 happiness during a break.


You can buy Legendary Fangs for 20 or steal traps from the Tracker’s Camps. When put into camp, they will catch small prey during a rest and give you meat and a carcass.

guard stool

The guard stool, when assigned a companion, reduces the chance of being attacked while resting. It also reduces the chances of prisoners escaping. The blueprint is in the bandit den in Tiltren.


Honey is a valuable cooking ingredient and expensive to buy in markets. Build the hive in your camp, add some plants and get honey at the end of your rest. The blueprints can be found at the Old Edoran Watchtower in Ludern.

training dummy

The Training Manikin blueprint can be purchased from the Smot Arena vendor in Vertruse after seeing victory, as it will not be sold to anyone until they have proven themselves.

Once you’ve placed the training dummy in your camp, you can task a companion with exercises to give them extra experience during a break. The squad as a whole receives a +5% bonus to accumulated combat experience.


The stretcher is used to heal a companion’s head injury during a break. Store your medicine while you travel. Just assign the injured companion to the stretcher and they’ll be better when everyone wakes up. You can get the bier blueprints from Saint Eleor Abbey in Arthes.

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Brew Vat

If you have an alcoholic in your squad, consider building a brew vat. Used to make alcohol from fruit, the Brewing Vat will fulfill all your alcohol needs and save you crowns. Alcohol also provides +1 Luck when included in the Rest Meal.

That’s all of the current tools and structures you can build in your camp. With good planning you could even accommodate everything. For others Wartales guides or listscheck out our games hub.

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