Wartales: Tiltren Tomb Puzzle Walkthrough Guide

The Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients in Wartales is the first tomb you will encounter in the game. Navigation can be confusing, especially given their labyrinthine nature. How to navigate the Tiltren Tomb of the Elders to find the Legendary Treasure, Codex, and Runes within Wartales.

Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients walkthrough

Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients location

You might just stumble across the Tomb of the Elders before getting the bounty to go inside. It is surrounded by a snowy forest and is located near a bandit camp southwest of Stromkapp. You can walk up the hill near Old Wilburt’s Sheepfold for easy access.

Make sure you have plenty of flashlights with you. The interior is pitch black and you need light to see. If you run out of lights, your squad will run away in fear, injuring every member.

In front of it there is a merchant who will sell you torches and at the same time ask you to “pretend to be a scholar”.

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Once you’re primed with torches and maybe some components to make more, head inside.

Upon entering, you’ll notice that there’s a flame counter underneath your fatigue gauge. This is how you keep an eye on how much light is available to you. Each stage requires a certain amount of light to get through and is automatically subtracted from the meter as you progress.

The first corridor is easy, just keep going straight. This brings you to a main room with three different paths to choose from.

Mountain Rune Sliding Puzzle Solution

From the first room, take the left path. If prompted, use caution to get through safely. This room contains a sliding puzzle as well as a yellow triangle symbol that will be needed for later.

Examining the puzzle unlocks the scholar profession, which you need to actually use the puzzle. These are the steps you need to follow to complete the sliding puzzle:

  1. Middle stone of the top row to the empty space on the left.
  2. Top row right stone to left.
  3. The right stone in the middle row moves up.
  4. The middle stone of the middle row moves to the right.
  5. The left stone in the middle row moves to the right.
  6. The left stone in the top row moves down: This is the correct position for this stone.
  7. The middle stone in the top row moves to the left: this is the correct position for this stone.
  8. The right stone in the top row moves to the left: This is the correct position for this stone.
  9. Right stone in the middle row moves up: This is the correct position for this stone.
  10. Middle row center stone moves to the right: This is the correct position for this stone.
  11. Middle stone of bottom row moves up: This is the correct position for this stone.
  12. The right stone in the bottom row moves to the left: this completes the puzzle.

Once the puzzle is complete, learn the mountain rune. You can now return to the first room.

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bard statue room

To get to the Bard Statue Room, take the right path from the main room you entered first. Once you dig through, interact with the statue. This will unlock the Bard class, which is required to complete this room.

If you already have a bard, great, otherwise you’ll need to assign your companion to it Profession.

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Once you have a bard, interact with the statue to trigger the bard mini-game. Depending on how you do in the minigame will affect the rewards you get, but completing it will give you Artist Codex 1.

Look around the room on the left wall to spot a blue hourglass icon. Make a note of this as you will need this for later.

creeper fight

Go back into the first room and go down the last path in front. You will most likely encounter a fight with Creepers and Mole Rats here.

Fighting in the dark can be challenging. Creepers and mole rats have brutality when they’re in the dark, but being in the light makes them fragile.

Before accepting the fight, any rangers who have an empty left hand should equip a torch. Archers need someone with a flashlight to aim at targets, otherwise they have to be right in front of the enemy to shoot them.

Creepers have the ability to heal themselves with their bite, so keep that in mind. The number of enemies is also unknown as you cannot see them all. Mole Rats can be caught if you choose to add them to your squad, but they always have fragility when fighting outside in daylight.

Once you’re through the battle, you’ll come to a room with a large mural on the left. Examine it to find the power rune, which is in the top right. This room also has a triangle symbol, this time in red.

Mystery of the locked door

Take the only path to the right on the right, which you should not squeeze through as your horses may injure themselves. There is a corpse in the center of the room that has a key to the locked chest. Inside the chest are some luxury items as well as the Artist Codex 2.

Before inspecting the door, there is an urn on the right that you should examine for more loot.

The locked door can be unlocked with the puzzle wheels on the right. These correspond to the colored symbols found in the three previous rooms of the tomb.

Rotate the dials to reveal a blue hourglass, yellow triangle, and red triangle. Then press the button below to trigger the door to open.

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Head down the path where you will most likely come across another Creeper fight. Once done, enter the Legendary Treasure Room.

Legendary Treasury

In this room you will find a sarcophagus that you must dismantle to open it. Just like mining ore, you need to complete the mining mini-game to smash the rock. You can even get sandstone once you’re done.

Examine the sarcophagus to get the Elder’s Treasure and Artist’s Codex 3. Once you collect him, you’ll take care of a few as well Successes: Eternal work of art and explorer.

You can retrace the path you came through the tomb, which uses less light than your original exploration. You will also avoid fights on the way to the entrance.

How to solve the Tiltren Tomb of the Elders. You must build the lectern in your camp and task your scholar with researching the treasure of the Elders and solving the codex puzzles.

To learn more about the different professions in Wartalescheck out ours Extension of the selection Wartales Leader.

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